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Emotional Freedom Therapy
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Emotional Freedom Therapy - Information

Emotional Freedom Therapy is a healing therapy such as TFT, EFT and Meridian Tapping Techniques, that acknowledges and utilizes the Chinese acpuncture meridian channels of life force that course through the body. It has been found by experimentation and research, that tapping on certain acupuncture points can release emotional blocks. These blocks have been created from negative or traumatic experiences throughout life. These embedded disruptions of the energy field around the body eventually cause disease, pain and discomfort which can make life very miserable. In severe cases they can result in cancer or paralysis. The Tapping Techniques, have been found an effective remedy for phobias, addictions and war trauma. Vietnam Vets were finally able to sleep at night, smokers could choose fresh air, and paralyzing phobias lost their grip...all without medication!
Gradually this method was more widely publicised by Gary Craig, the founder of Emotional Freedom Technique, who learned it from Roger Callahan of Thought Field Therapy and it has become a world wide source or relief for thousands of people.
Since then, EFT has grown into a revolutionary healing aid, used by traditional therapists, medical professionals and alternative healers on everything from weight loss to cancer. The discovery behind this relief is that unresolved emotional issues are caused by disruptions in the body's "subtle energies". These disruptions inhibit our natural ability to heal, leaving us open to nagging fears, chronic pain and terminal illness. Combining this emotional element with the ancient principles of acupuncture, EFT has been able to address the causes of these energy disruptions with a gentle tapping procedure (using the fingertips). Impressive results ensue because the process addresses causes instead of symptoms.
Most recently, advanced EFT applications have been demonstrated on clients with serious diseases at a series of workshops in the US and England. Participants and clients have walked away with measurable relief from Parkinson's Disease, Cystic Fibrosis, Diabetes, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Multiple Chemical Sensitivities, to name a few.
Committed to the integration of traditional medicine with energy healing, Gary Craig offers a FREE manual that includes the EFT Basics, a free e-newsletter, and very affordable training DVDs.
As Gary Craig says, "We are on the ground floor of a new Healing High Rise".
How Does EFT Work?
If you wish to see a YouTube demonstration of the Tapping points please see this video:
Here is a very useful chart showing theAcupuncture Points that are used. Tapping Chart (Chart courtesy of http://EFTWizard.com)
From Gary's Web site here is information about healing a variety of problems :

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Based on impressive new discoveries involving the body's subtle energies, (EFT) has been clinically effective in thousands of cases for Trauma & AbuseStress & AnxietyFears & Phobias Depression, Addictive Cravings, Children's Issues and hundreds of physical symptoms including headaches, body pains and breathing difficulties. Properly applied, over 80% achieve either noticeable improvement or complete cessation of the problem.

...Often works where nothing else will.
...Usually rapid, long lasting and gentle.
...No drugs or equipment involved.
...Easily learned by anyone.
...Can be self applied.

Although based on acupuncture, EFT has simplified the realignment process by gently tapping on key meridian points on the head, torso and hands. Traditional acupuncture needles are not necessary in this process.

EXAMPLE: Headache

A basic EFT application would initially focus on a current issue. This would include simple language designed not only to hold the focus, but also to add self-acceptance to the process. For example, someone trying to address migraine headaches might say "Even though I have this horrible headache, I deeply and completely accept myself", while tapping through the points.
If this initial procedure provides significant relief, then applying the Basic EFT procedure as headaches appear can be very effective. Interestingly, it has provided permanent relief in several migraine cases. If the headache hasn't vanished after the initial realignment, or if the Basic procedure doesn't provide relief for subsequent headaches, then there is almost always a deeper emotional factor at work. Advanced EFT application can enhance the results significantly, and is usually necessary for more complicated cases. The best EFT practitioners have learned the techniques available for uncovering the core issues, and approaching them with minimal amounts of emotional pain.

Although the Basic EFT procedure has shown astonishing relief for a wide variety of symptoms, applying EFT to serious diseases and chronic illness requires advanced experience. Please consult a qualified health practitioner before using EFT or before discontinuing any treatment or medications. (See disclaimer below)

  • Phobias -- War Trauma
  • (PTSD) --Sexual Abuse Trauma -- Addictions
  • Depression -- High Blood Pressure
  • Fibromyalgia -- Migraine Headaches
  • Chronic Fatigue -- Obsessive/Compulsive Disorder
  • Cancer --- Parkinson's Disease
  • Muscular Dystrophy -- Multiple Sclerosis
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis -- Cystic Fibrosis
  • Diabetes -- Hepatitis C
  • ALS --Lou Gehrig's Disease
  • Weight Loss --Anxiety/Panic Attacks
  • Eating Disorders -- Relationship Issues
  • Anger Management -- Children's Behavior
  • Dyslexia -- Allergies
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • Asthma -- Insomnia
  • Multiple Chemical Sensitivities
  • Pain Management - Women's Issues Men's Issues
  • Self Worth/ Self Esteem
  • Abundance Sports Performance
  • Spiritual Connection

DISCLAIMER : Important note: While EFT and Meridian Tapping Techniques have produced remarkable clinical results, they must still be considered to be in the experimental stage and thus practitioners and the public must take complete responsibility for their use of it. Further, Ruth Trimble your EFT Practitioner is not a licensed health professional and offers EFT as an ordained minister with healing intent. Those who want to discuss the use of EFT for a specific emotional or physical problem with a professional in the health field. Where appropriate, qualified physicians should be consulted.

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